How to Select the Right Breast Implant Size By tmccall on August 10, 2014

A woman’s breasts within an appropriate sized braBreast augmentation surgery is a particularly nuanced procedure, as implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Moreover, not every implant will appear similarly on every woman, requiring patients and their doctors to evaluate each potential implant option carefully and within context. Implant size is one such factor that should be scrutinized before coming to any decisions, with regard to the patient’s body and cosmetic goals.

When you visit our Milwaukee plastic surgery office for a consultation, we will do our best to match you with appropriately sized implants for your desired augmentation. Before scheduling your appointment, take a moment to learn how this decision should be made. 

Considerations for Implant Size

Implant size can be a surprisingly complex matter, seeing as it affects nearly every aspect of the procedure. When deciding on the size of your potential breast augmentation, the following factors should also be discussed and considered:

  • Aesthetic desires: The most obvious effect of implant size is how the procedure’s results will look. Although revision surgery can upgrade or downgrade implants in the future, it is best for patients to form an accurate goal for their ideal beast size so that follow-up surgery is not desired or needed.
  • Body type: Some body types are better suited for breasts and implants of a certain size. Women with narrower frames, for example, may not be able to support implants above a certain size. Women should also consider that significant increases in breast size may lead to discomfort or back problems in the future.
  • Medical complications: Large breast implants pose a higher risk of certain post-surgical complications, often requiring revision surgery to resolve ensuing problems.
  • Lifestyle: It’s important to keep in mind how larger breasts may affect one’s movement and ability to perform certain tasks. Women who did not previously have large breasts may not realize their potential to get in the way during various physical activities.
  • Other implant traits: Implant size should be considered in conjunction with the other factors of your augmentation. For example, if a patient wants to have a high profile (projection) implant, the size may need to be downgraded to compensate for upper pole fullness.  

The Risks of Oversized Implants

The size of a breast augmentation is really only limited to a patient’s cosmetic desires and her ability to safely support the implants. Keeping this in mind, there are a few risks that implants may pose if they are relatively too large. These include capsular contracture, sagging, the “double bubble” effect, damaged tissue, and stretch marks. Many of these problems require revision surgery to fix, meaning that patients will end up with smaller implants anyway. Be sure to discuss these concerns with your doctor so that you can choose an implant size that is safe and appropriate for your body type. 

Testing Your Implant Options

Even if the results of your augmentation cannot truly be seen until after surgery, it is possible to “try on” various sizes at our office. In a consultation with Dr. McCall, you will be given a bra and various implant sizes to test individually. This is an excellent opportunity to gain accurate expectations about your potential augmentation and see whether your desired size is truly right for you. For this appointment, patients are recommended to test even those sizes that they initially deemed too small or large, as there is no harm in exploring all of one’s options. Additionally, some women may wish to bring a friend whose opinion they trust, as this can provide a more objective assessment of what best fits their body.

Get a Professional Opinion

Dr. McCall is ready to meet with you regarding your augmentation, providing expert advice on implant size, material, texture, and the variety of other factors that go into breast enhancement. More importantly, you can discuss your medical history and goals for treatment so that you can experience the most satisfying results possible. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

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