Arm Lift Techniques By tmccall on February 12, 2014

Milwaukee Arm Lift SurgeryDo you wear long sleeves even in the summer? Are you afraid of waving goodbye to people, fearing that your loose, flabby under arms will give you away once again?

Taut, toned arms are a physical feature many people are vying for, as they’re a sign of being in good health as well as physically fit. While maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly may you help achieve your desired results to a degree, certain additional factors can hinder them. For example, drastic drops in weight, being advanced in age, and even your genetics can all contribute to the excess flaps of skin on the upper arms, leading to unwanted drooping and sagging commonly referred to as the dreaded “bat wings.”

Since the underlying tissues have already been weakened, and the excess skin has lost its elasticity, the best option for Milwaukee patients to get rid of unwanted upper arm fat is with a plastic surgery procedure known as brachioplasty, or an arm lift.

Arm Lift Techniques

Depending on the amount and degree of your excess underarm skin, various arm lift technique options are available to you:

  • Mini Arm Lift: Also called a mini brachioplasty, a mini arm lift is performed when only a small amount of excess fat and skin needs to be removed from under the arms. This procedure removes less overall fat and skin than a traditional arm lift and also requires a significantly smaller and less noticeable scar that is located entirely within the armpit.
  • Full Arm Lift: A full arm lift removes a much more significant amount of fat and excess skin. The incision runs the entire length of the upper arm and is placed on the inside of the arm in order to hide it as much as possible. Although the incision typically extends from the armpit to the elbow, the length and pattern of the incision will ultimately depend on the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed. Often times, a full arm lift is accompanied with liposuction in order to remove the fat tissue. During a full arm lift procedure, the underlying supportive tissues will be reshaped and tightened. The skin will then be smoothed over the new arm shape.
  • Extended Arm Lift: In certain cases, arm lift patients have excess upper arm skin that extends onto the side of the chest. In these rare cases, an extended arm lift will remove not only the excess under arm skin but also the excess armpit and chest skin as well.  

New Arm Lift Laser Technology

With the advancement of laser technology, many plastic surgeons are now able to minimize and even erase the scars resulting from various arm lift procedures. Talk to your doctor about the different scar-reducing options available to you.

Learn More about Arm Lift Techniques

You can now rid yourself of the fear of wearing short sleeves or waving goodbye to loved ones thanks to the various forms of arm lift procedures available. You owe it to yourself to look and feel your best. Achieve the toned arms you’ve been longing for and restore your confidence today by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Tracy E. McCall today.

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