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Mar 01 2018

Ulnar Nerve Release: Treating Compression Through Surgery

Ulnar nerve compression can be treated with a release surgery, restoring the ability to bend your arm. Our Milwaukee, WI surgical practice covers the basics of the procedure.

Feb 15 2018

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

At Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery, Dr. Tracy E. McCall offers carpal tunnel release surgery to relieve pain and other symptoms.

Feb 13 2018

Panniculectomy vs Abdominoplasty: Body Contouring Options Compared

A panniculectomy is a different body contouring option from abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Lake Country Plastic & Hand Surgery compares these procedures.

Jan 30 2018

Preparing for Brow Lift Surgery

Plastic surgeon Tracy E. McCall advises patients on preparing for brow lift surgery to ensure a successful treatment and recovery.

Jan 16 2018

Recovering from Hand Surgery: What Patients Should Know

Recovering from surgical procedures on the hand/wrist requires rest and physical rehabilitation. The team at Lake Country Plastic & Hand Surgery cover some of the basics.

Dec 29 2017

Shopping List before Plastic Surgery – Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Tracy McCall at Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery in Milwaukee, WI will provide you with a shopping list before plastic surgery to help you prepare.

Dec 13 2017

Are You a Candidate for a Panniculectomy?

If you are at a stable weight, but you have severely drooping skin below your naval, you may be a panniculectomy candidate.

Nov 29 2017

The Side Effects of Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing patients experience several side effects after treatment. The team at Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery considers the recovery and healing process.

Nov 13 2017

Tips for Reducing Pain After Plastic Surgery

Pain after cosmetic surgery is a common side effect. The team at Lake Country Plastic & Hand Surgery want to consider ways of reducing discomfort and improving the healing process.

Oct 29 2017

Side Effects of Juvederm® Treatment

Juvederm® filler minimizes wrinkles and refreshes the appearance of the skin with minimal side effects.

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