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Jul 13 2017

Facelift for the Jowls to Create a More Contoured Jaw Line

Dr. Tracy McCall at Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery can perform a facelift for the jowls to create a more attractive appearance.

Jun 29 2017

Liposuction and Abdominal Etching: What Are the Differences?

Abdominal etching and liposuction both involve fat removal and sculpting. Let's compare these body contouring surgery options.

Jun 14 2017

What to Expect after Plastic Surgery: Bruising

For many patients, bruising is a normal and temporary side effect of plastic surgery, one that subsides quickly to reveal beautiful results.

May 29 2017

Look Great for Summer: Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Options

To look great this summer, there are many plastic surgery and skin care options to consider. Let's consider some cosmetic enhancement treatments.

May 13 2017

Reducing the Risk of Infection after Plastic Surgery

Like all surgery, plastic surgery carries a risk of infection. Let's look at what can be done to reduce the risk of infection after plastic surgery.

Apr 29 2017

Beauty Uncovered: Laser Skin Resurfacing Candidates

Are you a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing? If you are a healthy adult with good skin elasticity, then you probably are.

Apr 14 2017

Swelling after Plastic Surgery: What to Expect

Swelling after plastic surgery is common. Let's focus on what to expect with this common side effect and what can be done to reduce this symptom.

Mar 30 2017

Improve Body Contours with Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck

Plastic surgeon Tracy McCall can combine breast reduction and tummy tuck to improve body contours and create a more toned physique.

Mar 13 2017

What to Expect during Lower Body Lift Recovery

Knowing what to expect during lower body lift recovery makes the process easier, so Dr. McCall provides patients with detailed post-op instructions.

Mar 01 2017

Protecting the Skin from Sun Exposure after Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeon Tracy E. McCall discusses the importance of protecting the skin from sun exposure after plastic surgery.

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